Help Gen Z Discover Pork


Jennifer Shike, FarmJournal's Pork

October 8, 2019


What does Generation Z like to eat? With an estimated $44 billion in buying power, the food industry is watching what this generation is choosing to eat. Not only does Gen Z have more food choices available than past generations, but they also are showing a growing interest in vegetarian and vegan food.


An article in Forbes says Gen Z diners are more willing than teens and young people in the past to try different types of cuisine, from Asian and Mexican foods to legumes and new forms of plant-based meat, which didnít exist for previous generations of diners.


About 7% of Gen Z describes themselves as vegetarians or vegans and they are less likely than previous generations to choose junk food and soda, the article says.


Growing up in a country with a safe, healthy food supply and lots of food options is a luxury, says past National Junior Swine Association secretary Adrian Austin, a senior at Kansas State University.


However, she believes the multitude of options can be confusing for her generation. Food choices become based on whatís trendy or what looks good to other people more than basing choices on facts.


The pork industry needs to be forward-thinking in terms of its initiatives and how itís going to educate the younger generation, she says...