Barn2Door raises $3.4 mln to help farmers connect with customers


Fresh Plaza

09 Oct 2019


Janelle Maiocco is the CEO of Barn2Door, a Seattle start-up that makes e-commerce software for farmers. The start-up just raised a $3.4 million investment round and is now getting ready to continue building its technology that connects farms with customers.


The 4-year-old start-up has farm clients scattered across 40 states, with its heaviest concentration in the Midwest. Maiocco, who is also a trained chef and worked in Europe, said her background helped develop a passion for increasing access to sustainable food.


Barn2Door is Maiocco’s second take on a start-up for farmers. Barn2Door was founded in 2015, soon after Maiocco pulled the plug on Farmstr, an organic food marketplace that connected consumers with farmers. Farmstr had a much larger scope: aggregating products, acquiring and marketing to customers, and managing and fulfilling food orders. Maiocco said that model was too expensive to be profitable.


Now, Barn2Door takes a narrower approach, focusing exclusively on making software that helps farmers connect with and sell to customers. The farmers are responsible for the rest of the process, including fulfilling and delivering orders.


The technology industry has turned to food in recent years as new data has shown...