Meat sector to be targeted in vegan Rebellion protests


By Alistair Driver, Pig World UK

October 7, 2019


A series of protests targeting the meat industry are planned this week, as part of the wider Extinction Rebellion protests.


While the main focus of the protests this week in London and around the world continues to be climate change, a vegan group calling itself Animal Rebellion is seeking to use the movement to campaign against eating meat.


Environmental activists have said they will attempt to ‘shut down’ the heart of government in London with two weeks of disruptive protests starting today. This will include protests at Government departments and blockading key transport routes.


Within this, Animal Rebellion has announced plans to ‘occupy’ Smithfield market, which supplies many of London’s food outlets with meat.


However, following what appears to be some disagreement within the group, the initial plans to ‘shut down’ the iconic Smithfield market for around 10 days have been scaled down to a 24-hour protest, according to a report in the Mail. This was reportedly in response to concerns within the group that a prolonged shutdown might ‘lead to violent clashes and cause economic hardship to mostly working-class stallholders’.


The planned protest has been broadened out more widely across London, blockades are planned for Defra and Red Tractor, which has offices in London, as well Billinsgate fish market and ‘unspecified facilities’ belonging to global meat companies, Cargill and JBS’, which through Pilgrim’s Pride, is set to take over Tulip...