The Maschhoffs Hope to Buy Wyoming Sows from Smithfield

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By Betsy Freese, Successful Farming - 10/4/2019


A report in the Pine Bluffs Post this week exposed a pending deal between The Maschhoffs of Carlyle, Illinois, to buy 13,500 sows owned by Smithfield Foods in Albin, Wyoming.


Josh Flint, associate director of communications for The Maschhoffs, tells Successful Farming that the deal, which was anticipated to close by October 1, should be done by the end of the month.


“We are working on purchasing a set of assets that Smithfield currently owns in Wyoming,” says Flint. “It includes sow farms, finishing and nursery space, a feed mill, an office, and more."


Representatives for Maschhoffs visited the small town of Albin earlier this week to talk to the community, anticipating the deal would be done. “At the last minute, the close was held up,” says Flint. “But everyone is still thumbs up around the table.”


If the deal closes, the Maschhoffs would own 195,000 sows…





The Maschhoffs LLC hopes to buy out Smithfield Farms of Albin


By Victoria Smithey, Pine Bluffs Post (WY) 

October 3, 2019


Big changes are on the horizon for Smithfield in Albin. Bradley Wolter from The Maschhoffs LLC hosted a supper meet and greet on Monday for the people of Albin to come out and meet the potential new owners of the local Smithfield.


Maschhoff farms has been an independent supplier to Smithfield for many years and has recently made the decision to purchase the Albin location. Ken and Dave Maschhoff along with their wives Julie and Karen are fifth generation farmers from Carlyle, Illinois that have a passion for passing down the farming and agricultural tradition to future generations. The Maschhoffs have a clear idea of what it takes to be successful farmers and respect for the land and the animals that they care for is high on the list. Their priorities, as they tell it, are simple. Pigs, people, and planet. They are passionate about taking care of a way of life that is slowly disappearing.


Wyoming will make the seventh state that Maschhoffs have farms in, and Albin will be one of their smaller farms with only about 13,000 sows and approximately 7,000 piglets a week. The piglets are weaned after twenty-one days and then they are shipped off to farms in Iowa. They are then sold to places like Smithfield. When and if the sale takes place, the Smithfield farm will become a Maschhoff holding. Although the Maschhoffs operate in Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Indiana the two brothers, Ken and Dave are sole owners of the farms, and have kept it in the family since the beginning…