Danish Crown Beef receives Chinese delegation


By Aidan Fortune, GlobalMeatNews



Danish Crown’s beef facilities in Aalborg and Padborg were visited by auditors from China.


The delegation from China started inspecting the factory in Aalborg, its external freezer in Padborg and a factory in Holsted, with a view to earning approval for export of goods from animals under 30 months


Ivan Schmidt, COO of Danish Crown Beef, said the visit went well. “The auditors did a very thorough review of our two slaughterhouses and all related documentation, and it is our impression that they were extremely pleased with everything they saw. So we've had three really good days with them.”​


He added that there was hope for a quick process. “​The delegation said they expected fast process and were looking forward to high quality Danish beef in China, so my feeling is that it can go really fast. At the same time, they expected to return in the foreseeable future, allowing factories to be audited for by-product exports as well.”​


The process requires several administrative steps. Danish Agriculture & Food sends a beef protocol to be inspected and signed in China.


Then, the Food Agency and their Chinese counterpart must look at legislation and compliance with it in Denmark and finally, the company can apply to be registered for export to China.


Schmidt said Danish Crown's strong position in China...