St. Labre Hog Operation Hoping To Expand


by Connor Gerbrandt, Steinbach Online (Canada) 

02 October 2019


A public hearing in the RM of Piney today will determine whether or not the owner of Gringo Hogs in St. Labre will be allowed to expand his business.


Jöel Grenier is looking to increase his headcount from 4,000 pigs to 6,000 and add a third barn onto his property to house them.


Grenier says he has canvassed his neighbors and, while he has heard some minor grumblings, he feels most people are pretty upbeat about the expansion.


“The close neighbors are happy with it, they aren’t opposing it by any means,” he offers, “and I haven’t seen any concerns regarding the environment or anything like that.”


Grenier hopes Council will have a similarly positive response, as it has been a process getting to this point.


“I started my first application in April to get the necessary approvals, the pre-approvals, the pre-screening, and now it has finally come back from the Technical Review Committee and it is time for the hearing.”


The hearing will...