After 100-Year Drought, Texas Breaks Ground on New Vet School

Texas Tech University broke ground on a new Vet School in September, in an effort to address the veterinarian shortage in rural America


Tyne Morgan, FarmJournal's Pork 

September 19, 2019


Weston Cleveland isn’t a complacent college student on some journey to fulfill a dream. After a couple years into his college stint, he realized his major wasn’t a good fit.


“I was majoring in Animal Science with an emphasis in business, which is a lot of economics classes, there's a lot of math involved in that,” said Cleveland, who is a senior at Texas Tech, majoring in Animal Science with an emphasis in pre-vet. “It’s not that I’m not good at math, I just don't enjoy it.”


Cleveland is from East Texas, but ventured to the West Texas to major in animal science. He loved the animal sciences portion, just not the business emphasis, and decided to make a switch.


“I've been working at Texas Animal Feeders in South Texas for the past seven years or so, and just being able to sit on horseback everyday riding pins, checking calves, checking cattle, things like that, I enjoyed it,” he said.


Cleveland switched his emphasis to pre-vet, now cramming four years of coursework into two. It’s a switch that’s not uncommon today, as the interest in pre-vet is gaining momentum at Texas Tech.


“The number of pre-veterinary students in the building have more than doubled in the last four years,” said Guy Loneragan, dean of School of Veterinary Medicine, Texas Tech University.


That interest sparked a major change, with Texas Tech University accomplishing a feat that was first brought forth 50 years ago. Texas Tech University broke ground on a new School of Veterinary Medicine on Sept. 19, the first time Texas has broken ground on a new vet school in a century.


“It's been in the works for five decades,” said Loneragan. “It's a huge honor, but it's also an awesome responsibility”...


A historic moment that can’t come soon enough for impassioned future veterinarians, like Cleveland...


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