Beef processing center in Baird aims to prevent spread of mad cow disease


by Daniela Ibarra, KTXS (TX) 

September 19th 2019


A beef processing center in Baird developed a technology that is used to prevent the spread of mad cow disease.


The technology, which kills cows through concussions instead of bullets, makes the beef process safer and cleaner.


"The rest of the industry exposes that spinal chord, so ours is going to be much safe and cleaner process," said Gary Hendricks, CEO of NSC Processing.


Hendricks explained that the technology makes the process 30 times faster than the industry standard.


"We’re able to go to kill from the truck in seven hours — industry standard is 3 days," said Hendricks. Cooling time for the meat is cut down to four hours.


The shorter cooling time does not give e-coli and listeria time to grow, which helps protect the beef.


"We’re gonna be able to give the ranchers higher margins for their cattle," said Hendricks.


Hendricks said that Baird's support made him pick the city as the home for the processing center...


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