Most Iowans want 'moo' in their meat


Donnelle Eller, Des Moines Register (IA)

Sept. 18, 2019


Faux meat may be growing in popularity, but Iowa shoppers still want their burgers to come from animals, Iowa's largest farm group says.


Nearly 75% of Iowa shoppers say they're unlikely to buy plant-based meat over "real meat," according to a survey conducted for the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation.


And about 80% of shoppers would decline to buy lab-grown meat if it were readily available in stores.


The Harris Poll surveyed 502 Iowans, who at least share grocery shopping responsibilities for their households.


The survey, conducted July 11-25, comes as consumer interest in plant-based meat from the likes of Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods is growing. Fake meat is also gaining space on the menus at Carl's Jr., Burger King, White Castle and other fast-food restaurants.


The Farm Bureau survey says 94% of Iowa shoppers say they feel real meat is a healthy option, compared to 74 percent who say the same of plant-based imitation meat.


Nearly 70% of Iowa shoppers don’t think plant-based meat producers should be allowed to use the term “meat” on labels. About three dozen states have proposed bills to prohibit companies from labeling plant- or cell-based products as "meat."


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