'Throw her to the pigs': Iowa woman killed by corn rake predicted her farmer husband would murder her


by John Gage, Washington Examiner

September 18, 2019


An Iowa soybean and hog farmer is on trial for murder after his wife was found by their teenage son dead with a corn rake stuck in her back.


Todd Mullis, 43, of Earlville, Iowa, initially claimed it was a freak accident, but now his defense team is suggesting someone else committed the murder, according to the local sheriff's office.


His wife Amy Mullis, 39, was having an affair and considering divorce after 14 years of marriage, telling friends she was worried her husband would "flip out" and try to murder her when he found out she was leaving him. Her friends would call her "POT" or "prisoner of Todd" because of how controlling her husband was.


Mullis is said to have feared losing half his land and potentially millions of dollars if she filed for divorce. Iowa soybean farms have been described as the "front line" of President Trump's trade war with China, with retaliation from Beijing threatening a market central to their livelihoods.


According to court documents, Amy had told close friends that her husband would "throw her to the pigs" if he learned about an affair she was carrying on, which was in part the catalyst for her plans to divorce Todd. "You’ll know Todd did something to me," she told a friend even detailing to the person where police should look for her body, as Todd had purchased some land in a wooded area.


She told her brother in August 2018 that she planned on leaving her husband when the harvest came in. In November 2018, her son found her impaled on a corn rake on the family's property.


Prosecutors said...


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