Oklahoma Farmers Out Thousands, Defrauded By Alva Grain Bin Sales Rep


Source - News On 6

via Oklahoma Farm Report - 18 Sep 2019


News On 6 this week reported that two Webbers Falls farmers have been defrauded out of thousands of dollars while attempting to rebuild their farms after floods ravaged their town this spring. The farmers complain a grain storage company didn't fill their order after a local representative allegedly took their money.


Cody Sloan and Damon Sheffield said this year has been hard, and that's putting it lightly. They not only lost a ton of their crops and money during this spring's historic flooding. Now, they say they're out 10's of thousands of dollars for new grain bins that were never delivered."


Farmers Cody Sloan and Damon Sheffield are friends who have been through a lot together this year.


"It's been a whirlwind year for us," Sloan said. "We got our crops planted back. Worked really really hard, day and night. But the expenses just keep coming."


Now, Sloan and Sheffield are out $35,000 and $25,000, respectively, and they're not the only farmers in the hole.


"We're all out this money," Sloan said. "Collectively it's over $110,000."


They said they shelled out down payments for grain bins to Salt Fork Grain, identified by Sloan as the dealer out of Alva, OK who represents Sukup Manufacturing with which he conducted his business. Those grain bins were supposed to be built and ready by August 1st.


"To this day, we don't have a bolt, not a piece of steel," Sloan said. "There's nothing here to show for it other than a lot of headache."


Oklahoma Farm Report reached out to Sloan who shared his experience in dealing with the Sukup company to resolve the issue. According to him, little has been done to make the issue right or to move the situation forward by the company. You can listen to Sloan retell his side of the incident by clicking or tapping the LISTEN BAR below at the bottom of the page. Oklahoma Farm Report reached out to Salt Fork Grain for comment, but has yet to recieve a response.


Sukup Manufacturing released this statement:


more, including audio [5:17 min.]