China demand continues to lift UK pork exports


By Alistair Driver, Pig World (UK) 

September 18, 2019


UK exports of pig meat continued to grow in July, driven by increased demand from China, with an 11% increase year on year compared to 2018.


This is the highest volume of July pork exports since 2016, while the total value of the trade rose 19%, to £46.9 million. Pig offal exports increased by 15% (+1,000 tonnes) compared to the previous year.


“This increase in exports is due to increased demand from China, which continues to be the largest destination for UK pig offal exports,” AHDB trainee analyst Charlie Reeve said.


Bacon exports have gone down compared to July 2018 and are now lower in the year to date, although bacon only accounted for 5% of total pork exports in July 2019.


Meanwhile, imports of fresh/frozen pork dropped by 22% (-20,100 tonnes) year on year in July, following a small increase on the previous month (+600 tonnes). Imports of bacon decreased by 10% (-1,700 tonnes) in July 2019 compared the previous year.


Processed pork saw the largest decline in imports reducing by 57%...


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