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·         China clears some Argentine meat plants for exports

·         Uruguay targets Chinese market with traceable beef



China clears some Argentine meat plants for exports


Reporting by Hallie Gu and Dominique Patton; Editing by Kim Coghill and Sherry Jacob-Phillips, Reuters 

September 19, 2019


BEIJING, Sept 19 (Reuters) - China’s customs office said on Thursday it granted export licences to some Argentine meat-processing plants, as the Asian country looks to plug a supply gap after an African swine fever outbreak decimated China’s pig herds.


The customs office said in an email to Reuters it has made checks on meat exporters in the South American country recommended by the Argentinian government lately, but did not specify which companies were approved.


China, the world’s top pork producer, has seen its hog herd shrink by a third since the incurable disease arrived in the country more than a year ago.


Beijing approved seven Argentina poultry plants for exports to the world’s top meat market last week, according to the Embassy of Argentina in Beijing.


Reuters reported over the weekend that Beijing has recently inspected Argentine local meat plants and cattle ranchers in Argentina were looking to get more local meat-packing plants approved by Beijing.


China has also granted export licences to 25 Brazil meatpacking plants...





Uruguay targets Chinese market with traceable beef

Uruguayan producers of grass fed, antibiotic-free beef have spotted a niche among eco- and health-conscious Chinese


Fermín Koop, Dialogo Chino 

September 18, 2019


Raised in the open air, free from hormones and antibiotics, Uruguayan beef holds an esteemed place in the minds of Chinese consumers, aided in no small part by a strong government marketing push and a closer political relationship between the two countries.


Today, 22% of China’s beef imports come from Uruguay, where cows outnumber its 3 million citizens by almost 4 to 1. The country’s 9.5 million hectares of pasture dedicated to beef production occupy 80% of its territory. Each animal roams in an area equivalent to two football pitches.


Of the 600,000 tonnes of beef produced annually, 70% is destined for export. China is the main destination, accounting for 56% of all exports. The figure is increasing sharply. So far this year, shipments to China are up 42% compared to 2018.


“Uruguay is very well positioned in sanitary terms and has managed to build an image as a quality meat exporter,” said Ignacio Bartesaghi, director of international business studies at Uruguay’s Catholic University.


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