US Foods Launches Fall Scoop 2019

The distributor reveals additions to this highly-anticipated seasonal line, designed to target globally-minded consumers


by Chandler James, Scoop/

September 16th, 2019


ROSEMONT, IL | To satiate consumers’ growing demand for global flavors, US Foods recently announced a collaboration with nationally recognized chefs Diana Dávila, Thai Dang, and Sameh Wadi to create products with global influences. The three chefs will be advisors for US Foods in curating the new lineup in Fall Scoop 2019. The new line highlights the “Global Discovery Made Easy” concept for the 54 percent of consumers seeking out international foods.


“Today’s diners are more adventurous, and they expect diverse, authentic food experiences,” said Stacey Kinkaid, Vice President of Product Development and Innovation. “Chef Dávila, Chef Dang, and Chef Wadi shared incredibly helpful insights and feedback on Scoop products with Latin American, Middle Eastern, and Asian influences, such as al pastor, beef shawarma, and bulgogi beef. By focusing our efforts on items our operators would normally not have the time, resources, or experience to create on their own, we have delivered turnkey solutions they can add to their menus with confidence.”


Chef Dávila, Chef and Owner of Mi Tocaya Antojería in Chicago, was brought on board to bring the flavors of Latin America to Fall Scoop. A 2019 finalist for the coveted James Beard Award and a 2018 semifinalist in the Best New Restaurant category, she is also a recognized authority on Mexican cuisine and draws from nearly 20 years in the restaurant industry.


“Creating al pastor with US Foods was an exciting challenge because it’s typically a street food in Mexico that takes time and special equipment to prepare,” said Chef Dávila. “In staying true to the authentic dish, the Chef’s Line All Natural Al Pastor was cooked on a spit, so the meat comes in shaved slices with charring. It’s a savory and delicious product that is already seasoned so it can quickly be prepared and added to any meal.”


Fall Scoop products made with the ingredients and flavors of Latin America include: