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·         Stopping The Cash Backslide

·         Cash Fed Cattle $1 Lower, Feeder Cattle Weak



Stopping The Cash Backslide

The premium for northern cattle has dwindled


Brad Hulett, Drovers

September 16, 2019


Slowing the backslide of the cash market could help shift the feeders’ psychology toward the positive.  By noon on Friday the Thursday trade in Texas at $99 was looking like a gift for the packer.  With a few trading at $99, Kansas held on to enough front-end cattle to get steady money from the packer at $100.


The premium in the north continued to dwindle last week.  Most cash trade was at $1.00, with dressed trade in the upper $150’s -$160 range.


The dollar threshold seemed to be a sticking point for many producers last week. The ability for most regions to hold part or most of their trade at that price last week could give the trade a needed boost.  Navigating this market with a plant out of production has been a challenge.


However, producers are doing a great job staying current, and hopefully can continue to hold strong for a few more months.  The Tyson plant getting back online will...





Cash Fed Cattle $1 Lower, Feeder Cattle Weak

Cattle markets saw weaker prices


Greg Henderson, Drovers

September 13, 2019


Cattle feeders in the south traded cash cattle at $99, with northern cattle at $100 per cwt., $1 lower than last week, and dressed sales at $159 to $160 per cwt., $5 lower.


Steers and heifers sold at auction mostly $2 to $6 lower, with calves as much as $10 lower. Agriculturaal Marketing Service reporters said demand remained good but noted larger runs of calves are beginning at auctions . 


Thursday’s USDA crop report was put corn production at 13.8 billion bushels, down 1% from August and down 4% from last year. Corn acres for harvest are forecast at 82.0 million acres, up less than 1% from last year. Corn yields are expected to average 168.2 bushels per acre, down 1.3 bushels from August forecast and down 8.2 bushels from 2018.


Cattle slaughter was estimated at 629,000 head...