1,700 Acre El Paso Historic Water Rights Property "Rio Bravo Ranch" to Sell

Key Treaty Agreement Allocating 100% Rights to United States Exists Says Owners. Senior Rights Date Back to 1909


Source: Icon Global Group

via PRNewswire - Sep 13, 2019


DALLAS, Sept. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Approximately 30,000-acre feet of water per year could provide short- and long-term solutions to El Paso, Texas as well as revenue to owners/operators. Rio Bravo owners state their property and associated rights represent one of the largest long-term sources of water in West Texas close to El Paso. The property which lays outside of both irrigation and conservation districts also provides unlimited pumping access to existing wells.


Icon Global Group marketing specialists charged with the sale placed the property on the open market in their marketing campaign today.


"I cannot overstate the importance, long term significance and revenue opportunities of any water rights asset in Texas, specifically West Texas," said Icon Global's Bernard Uechtritz. "While some owners may have barriers to entry in terms of metropolitan market access, 100% of any such right is increasingly a blue-sky opportunity."


"There exist many examples of forward-thinking successful collaborations of owners, pipeline companies and cities with thirsty customers. Rio Bravo Ranch represents one such golden opportunity, and we will now begin to take this property to our state and international investors who are interested in exactly this type of asset and investment."


Rio Bravo Ranch is a 1,752-acre farm in Hudspeth county along the Rio Grande River with unlimited withdrawals from any existing and any future water wells drilled on the property. This ranch has superior impounded water rights which were adjudicated in the Texas courts which allows for diversion from the Rio Grande as well as irrigation wells.


Interested parties should contact Icon Global Group as soon as possible via email at info@icon.global or call 214.855.4000 for more information.


For more information on Icon Global or to view other properties available click the Icon Global digital brochure here or visit www.icon.global.


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