Danish Crown unveils new brand identity


By Aidan Fortune, GlobalMeatNews



Pork processor Danish Crown has launched new branding, with an increased focus on sustainability.


The change of identity is being rolled out across 75 factories and offices around the world. A new brand web site is also being launched today that sets out the new direction. Over the coming months, the new Danish Crown corporate brand will begin to appear on its products.


“We want to create a closer link between our farmers and our consumers and to make it easier for consumers to make climate-friendly choices,”​ said Jais Valeur, CEO of Danish Crown. “Today, we are setting a clear direction for owners and employees; and we are sending a clear message to our customers and society in general about our vision to create a more sustainable future for food. We are changing the old Danish Crown corporate brand into a new brand identity that brands both company and products.​


“From interviews with our customers, we know that they think that the Danish Crown narrative is a great story and that it has potential as a much more visible brand. On top of that, consumers want more transparency, provenance and more sustainable products. Current and future colleagues and farmers also want to know more about the future they sign up to.”​


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