China's pig herd falls 38.7 per cent in August vs year ago


The Business Times (Singapore) 

Sep 16, 2019


[BEIJING] China's pig herd fell by 38.7 per cent in August versus a year ago, according to data published by China's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs last week, marking another record drop as the impact of a year-long epidemic continues to emerge.


The country's sow herd declined by 37.4 per cent versus a year ago, said the ministry.


The huge drop, larger than the prior month's 32.3 per cent fall, comes after African swine fever, a deadly and incurable disease, spread to every province of the world's top pork producer.


Pork prices are soaring as a result of the shrinking of the herd, with retail prices hitting a record 40.5 yuan (S$7.9) per kg by Sept. 4, according to agriculture ministry data, a 78 per cent jump compared with the same time a year ago.


That has driven the country's food price index to the highest since January 2012, with surging pork prices spilling over into other proteins.


Beijing has rolled out a series of policies...