USMEF hopeful for trade agreement


Jeannine Otto, AgriNews Publications

Sep 12, 2019


TOKYO A delegation from the U.S. Meat Export Federation recently traveled to Japan to promote U.S. meat interests and talk to Japanese importers and meat industry officials about building market share and interest for U.S. grain-fed beef and pork.


Dan Halstrom, USMEF president and CEO, discussed what the U.S. delegation was seeing and hearing about U.S. beef and pork in Japan during a conference call.


Do you have any additional information on Japan importing more U.S. corn, as was mentioned by President Donald Trump during his press conference with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe?


I think we heard the same information. I dont think we heard anything specific on corn, but we are hopeful because we are hearing the same reports in the press that there could be a deal done on corn, but I dont think weve heard anything specific in the few days that weve been here.


Are you hearing what a timeline would look like before you get a final agreement and the duties on U.S. beef and pork actually come down?


I think its probably premature to speculate on what the timeline is. Of course, we hope its sooner rather than later, and I think thats the hope of everyone over here. The planning that we are doing all has the same question mark. We are not sure exactly when we will be able to implement it, but we are hoping it is sooner rather than later.


What do the steps to regain lost market share look like? ...