Dutch retailer develops pork supply chain


By Aidan Fortune, GlobalMeatNews



Dutch supermarket chain PLUS is to start selling fresh and processed pork products from its own, transparent supply chain.


Originating from Vion’s Good Farming Star programme, the PLUS pork has one star within the Beter Leven label and is supplied by 14 Dutch pig farmers that produce exclusively for PLUS.


PLUS, Vion and the pig farmers will jointly work on the further development of this PLUS supply chain in terms of taste, animal welfare and sustainability. The meat from this supply chain is processed at the Vion abattoir in Groenlo.


Vion says the arrangement fits with its ambition to develop demand-driven, sustainable supply chains: Building Balanced Chains.


It said: “More and more consumers want to know where their pork comes from and consider it important that the animals have led a good life. By choosing its own private supply chain, PLUS provides insight into the origin of its fresh and processed pork products. On the PLUS website, the 14 pig farmers are introduced extensively. It will also be visible at the pig farms that they supply to PLUS.”​


John de Jonge, COO of Vion Pork, explained: