Female cattle kill stays high


Queensland Country Life (Australia) 

13 Sep 2019


New statistics show Australian meat processors had a month of high supply in July.


ABS figures recorded processor throughput of adult cattle above 700,000 head for the fourth time in the last five months.


As has been the case throughout 2019, slaughter has been driven predominantly by female cattle, with cows and heifers making up 57 percent of total adult slaughter.


Total slaughter in July was 771,000 head, 12 per cent above the average July slaughter since 2010.


The high level of supply to processors has been driven particularly by an increase in Victoria, where slaughter numbers were recorded at 177,000 head, 20 per cent more than the average over this period since 2010.


New South Wales was up 83000 head and Queensland by 97000 head.


South Australia is the only state to decline with numbers down by 92000 head, nearly half what they have processed in the past.


The high female slaughter is...


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