Farmers for Free Trade rallies for USMCA


By Larry Lee, Brownfield

September 12, 2019


A Texas Democrat is confident the USMCA trade agreement will get passed this year. Congressman Henry Cuellar told a Farmers For Free Trade rally in Washington, It will be done. (Speaker) Pelosi will put it for a vote. Were very close, in fact, yesterday we just had a meeting, Pelosi and myself and some of the Mexican officials talked about certain things.


Cuellar says more Democrats want to look at USMCA after talking to farmers at home.


Congressman Jim Hagendorf from Minnesota says the USMCA is good for dairy and for farmers struggling with low commodity prices. When you bring it down to what this is all about, its about the people, its about our communities, its about our way of life, and like I said, we need a win, and right now on the table, this is the win.


American Farm Bureau President Zippy Duvall says USMCA would do more than help level the playing field. Lets turn our farmers loose and lets see what potential they really have. They have sons and daughters and nieces and nephews that want to come back to the farm, and they cant do it without a strong trade agreement like USMCA.


Along with several state Farm Bureau leaders, the Farmers for Free Trade rally included...