Farmer Boys’ ‘bacon intern’ pigs out in Riverside

A high school teacher from Winchester won a contest — and dressed the part Thursday, Sept. 12, for a tongue-in-cheek promotion


By Fielding Buck, The Press-Enterprise (CA) 

September 12, 2019


It was teacher versus food Thursday, Sept. 12, at a Farmer Boys restaurant in Riverside.


Mona Godfrey, the chain’s “bacon intern,” spent the morning tasting burgers, sandwiches and salads spread across three tables in the dining room.


The “internship” was a tongue-in-cheek promotion launched last month by the Riverside company. Hundreds of candidates applied online for the one-day job, which paid $1,000. Godfrey won the contest with an Instagram video celebrating her love of bacon.


She is a child development instructor at Rancho Verde High School in Moreno Valley, a Winchester resident, and a self-proclaimed meat-lover.


She came dressed as a strip of bacon.


“It’s a costume I’ve had in my closet for many years,” she said in an interview...


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