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·         China cabinet wants large pig farms to make up 58% of total by 2022

·         China plans subsidies for large pig farms to boost output

·         China issues 17 measures to support hog production



China cabinet wants large pig farms to make up 58% of total by 2022



via Physician's Weekly - Sep 10, 2019


BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s state council said on Tuesday it wants large-scale pig farms to make up 58% of the total by 2022 to help improve stability of pork supplies.


It did not say how it defines large farms or what the current level is.


However analysts at Dutch bank Rabobank have said that farms producing more than 10,000 pigs a year only accounted for 18% of the total in 2016.


The push to promote large farms comes amid a severe shortage of pork in the world’s top consumer. China’s huge hog herd has shrunk by a third, according to official data, after African swine fever swept through the country in the past year.


The disease is deadly to pigs but does not harm people.


Beijing said on Monday it will offer subsidies of up to 5 million yuan ($700,000) to support the construction of large-scale pig farms.


In a document published online, the cabinet laid out other measures to stabilize pork supply in the country, including urging provincial authorities to offer temporary subsidies to large farms in the major pig production counties.


It also called on...





China plans subsidies for large pig farms to boost output


Dominique Patton, Reuters 

September 8, 2019


BEIJING (Reuters) - China’s state planner said on Monday it will issue subsidies of up to 5 million yuan ($700,000) to support the construction of large-scale pig farms in the latest measure to promote pig farming after a devastating disease ravaged the hog herd.


The subsidies - to be at least 500,000 yuan but no more than 30% of the total project investment - must be issued by the end of 2020, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) said in a statement on its website.


They can also be issued to farms seeking to expand, with the funds aimed at helping producers cover the cost of equipment for disease prevention, waste treatment, environmental controls and automated feeding.


The move comes as official figures show China’s hog herd, the world’s largest, has shrunk by almost a third since a year ago, after deadly African swine fever swept across the country.


Many people believe the losses to be much higher, however, at about half the herd.


Pork prices began rising sharply in June in response to the reduced supplies, reaching a fresh record last month, and Beijing has warned that they will go higher, threatening to become a serious concern for low-income consumers.


“The top 40 or 50 producers will take advantage of this for sure,” said Ron Lane, sales director at Big Dutchman, a German farm equipment firm with operations in China.


Construction of a modern farm costs between 10,000 yuan and 12,000 yuan per sow, he said, without including the costs for the pigs themselves or the land.


That means about 20% of the construction costs for a 2,000-sow farm could be covered, he added, although for the larger 5,000-sow farms more common among the leading producers, the subsidy would cover a smaller percentage of the costs.


China’s vice premier has repeatedly urged provincial authorities to ensure sufficient pork supplies and boost a recovery in hog production.


But despite a series of new policies issued by ministries, including an easing of restrictions on land permits and offering farmers low-interest loans, risks remain high, say experts, with African swine fever still spreading in the country.


There is no vaccine and no cure for the disease, which kills almost all pigs it infects.


The NDRC document said the state planner will also subsidize...





China issues 17 measures to support hog production


Xinhua Editor : Li Yan | Source: (China) 



Seventeen measures have been rolled out since the end of August to support hog production in China, according to a source of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.


The measures have been released by the ministry and multiple other agencies including National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Ministry of Transport and China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission.


Apart from stepped up fiscal policies, the measures also include supporting construction of infrastructure related to hog production, animal disease prevention and control, as well as circulation.


The country will further promote resource utilization of livestock feces and sewage in 100 selected non-major animal-farming counties with hog stocks above 100,000 each, said the source.


Reasonable land use for pig breeding will also be guaranteed, and land use shall be determined according to the scale of breeding, while land used for auxiliary facilities shall be increased accordingly, according to the ministry.


Starting Sept. 1, the "green channel" policy...