Trump is reportedly planning a farm trip to feed British journalists chlorinated chicken


Kathryn Krawczyk, The Week

Sep 6, 2019


President Trump's administration is reportedly cooking up something special for British journalists.


There's been a lot of talk in the U.K. about washing chicken in chlorine, which is common practice in the U.S. but something many Britons have a problem with. So Trump's administration is reportedly looking for an organization to take "influential" U.K. journalists on a farm tour that includes a meal of the controversial chicken, BuzzFeed News reports via a tender yes, a tender orchestrated by the U.S. embassy in London.


In the U.S., poultry farmers often douse chicken carcasses in chlorinated water to kill off potential bacteria on their surfaces. That practice is banned in the EU, which effectively means U.S. poultry imports are banned too. But with Britain set to leave the EU at one point or another, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tossed around the idea of okaying chlorine baths, and Trump's administration is apparently doing its best to convince the British people that Americans have it right.


The tender offers 60-75,000 to an organization that will take journalists on a tour of farms, research facilities, and government agencies around the U.S., BuzzFeed News reports. Its goal, the tender reads, is to clear up "misconceptions" Britons have surrounding America's "animal welfare standards, GMOs and labeling, and the use of antibiotics in livestock production"...


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