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·         Couple wounded in El Paso shooting sues Walmart for lack of security

·         Andy Puzder: Walmart should add security to its stores if it's going to ban open carry



Couple wounded in El Paso shooting sues Walmart for lack of security


By Julia Jacobo, ABC News

Sep 5, 2019


A Texas couple injured in the mass shooting last month at an El Paso Walmart has sued the superstore on grounds it failed to provide adequate security to prevent the attack.


El Paso residents Guillermo and Jessica Garcia were shopping with their two children on Aug. 3 when they were shot and "gravely injured," according to the lawsuit, filed in El Paso district court on Friday. The lawsuit argues that the company should have had security at the store entrance and around common areas.


"If Walmart had taken its responsibilities to its customers seriously, it would have had a visible security presence that would have stopped the shooter from coming to Walmart and killing all those people," the couple's attorney, Patrick Luff, told ABC News.


Since the shooting, Walmart -- among the country's principal sellers of firearms and ammunition -- has come under increased pressure to change its policy on gun sales. On Tuesday, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon wrote in a memo to employees that it will no longer tell certain types of rifle ammunition, and will "sell through" and discontinue handgun ammunition. In addition, the company has called for a renewed debate over the assault-weapons ban.


In response to the lawsuit, Walmart spokesman Randy Hargraves said in a statement to ABC News: "This tragic event will be with us forever and our hearts go out to the families that were impacted. Safety is a top priority and we care deeply about our associates and customers. We preserved what information we have, and we’ve worked meticulously with federal and local authorities as they documented everything that took place on August 3. Once we are served with the complaint, we will respond appropriately with the Court."


The shooting began on a Saturday morning when the store was crowded with back-to-store shoppers. The fact that it was "particularly crowded" on the day of the shooting exacerbated the need for security, according to the lawsuit.


Jessica Garcia's father, Don Coca, told the El Paso Times that he believes that had Walmart provided armed security on the premises, things "would have turned out different."


Guillermo Garcia is still in critical condition after he was shot in the spine...





Andy Puzder: Walmart should add security to its stores if it's going to ban open carry


By Nick Givas, Fox News

Sep 5, 2019


Former CKE Restaurants CEO Andy Puzder defended Walmart's decision to ban customers from carrying firearms in their stores, but suggested they hire additional security to protect their customers.


"It's a capitalist country, they have the right to do it," Puzder said Thursday on "America's Newsroom." "If I ran Walmart I might think about putting in more security if I'm telling people they can't come in with guns to protect themselves... But I'm not running Wal-Mart, but I am sympathetic to the CEO who realizes that some of his customers were shot in his stores. That cuts to your heart."


Walmart also banned the sale of handguns in Alaska and stopped the sale of short-barrel rifle ammo in all of their stores, drawing public backlash from the National Rifle Association (NRA).


Puzder claimed Walmart is trying to play to their millennial shoppers in an effort to be representative of their future customer base.


"CEOs would enact a policy like this because it's what they believe their consumers want," he said earlier in the interview. "Everybody said they're backing away from representing shareholders' interests. I don't think that's true."


"There are these social policies -- these social justice things that are important to millennials and they're going to go to companies that focus on those things," Puzder added. "So if you thought your customers wanted an environment where there weren't guns, then you would enact a policy that met your customer's needs. That's how you grow your business and satisfy your shareholders."


He said more companies will likely follow Walmart's lead but also remain vigilant in monitoring the customer response, before making any permanent changes...