Local company gains popularity with Wagyu hot dogs


Abigael Jaymes & Zoe Brown, KCTV News (KS)  

Sep 5, 2019


KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- By now, most everyone has heard about the buzz over Popeye's chicken sandwich, which sold out after becoming a social media sensation.


Now, a Kansas City company is relishing similar success with one of its products: Wagyu Beef Hot Dogs.


The hot dogs, made by veteran-owned and veteran-run KC Cattle Company, are taking the country by storm.


According to Owner Patrick Montgomery, for the first year the hot dogs didn’t sell too well. “Mostly because it was hit or miss during the season,” he said.


But when Food & Wine magazine -- which is owned by Meredith Corporation, the same parent company of KCTV5 -- compared their hot dogs to steak “it blew up our small company overnight” according to Montgomery.


Food & Wine wanted to find “the best hot dog the world had to offer,” so they taste tested hot dogs from across the country.


Their favorite was KC Cattle Company’s Wagyu Beef Hot Dog.


“Caseless hot dog, all natural, naturally cured,” Montgomery said, describing the hot dogs.


What makes Wagyu beef special is that it has two mutations that allows for that awesome marbling and buttery flavor.


Food & Wine said, in part, “It was basically like eating a steak in a bun, or an elevated ‘tube steak,’ if you will.”


“We had about a half million people visit the website in 24 hours and it’s been nothing but running and gunning ever since,” Montgomery said.


In that 24-hour period, they also had about 3,000 orders. “Before that, it was pretty typical to get about 100 orders a week,” Montgomery explained.


The influx of order caught them a little off guard.


“We only had 40 pounds of hot dogs in stock when this happened,” he said...