MorningStar Farms Launches ‘Incogmeato’ Vegan Meat Range

Kellogg-owned MorningStar Farms is launching a new "Incogmeato" vegan meat range featuring realistic burgers, chicken nuggets, and tenders.


Kat Smith, Live Kindly

September 4, 2019


Another new realistic vegan meat is hitting grocery stores early next year. Kellogg-owned brand MorningStar Farms announced its “Incogmeato” range today, featuring burgers, chicken tenders, and nuggets.


“When it looks like meat, and tastes like meat, it’s not meat incognito…it’s Incogmeato. Find it in your local fridge in 2020,” the brand wrote across its social media channels.


Kellogg CEO Sean Cahillane explained that the Incogmeato Burger will “sear wonderfully” on the grill in a way that mimics the successful Beyond and Impossible Burgers. The soy protein-based burger will be the first to hit the market in 2020. Updated versions of MorningStar’s chicken nuggets and tenders will follow.


MorningStar and the Vegan Meat Market


Kellogg is the top seller of plant-based meat, selling over 90 million pounds annually. It earns approximately $450 million a year. It’s also the top seller of veggie burgers, according to Bloomberg, but its market share dropped from 33.3 percent in 2013 to 16.9 percent in 2018.


“We got back on our game the last couple of years,” Cahillane said. “Our goal over the long term would be to maintain leadership and ultimately gain share.”


Last March, MorningStar Farms announced that it would eliminate eggs from all of its products by 2021 — a decision that may have helped boost sales.


“We’re making sure we’re delivering on what consumers want and what we believe is right,” Mel Cash, head of Kellogg’s plant-based protein division, told Forbes. “It’s less about having a competitive advantage and more about being able to satisfy as many people as possible who want to eat plant-based.”


Looking ahead, MorningStar Farms...


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