First Blockchain-Only Birth Certificates Recorded By IBM, Raising Stakes for Security


by Iyke Aru, DashNews

Sep 4, 2019


The first blockchain-only birth certificates have been issued in Brazil through a partnership with IBM, achieving a major milestone in blockchain technology, as well as significantly raising the stakes for network security.


On September 01 2019, the birth of Álvaro de Medeiros Mendonça became the first child to be registered only on the blockchain. This happened in Brazil, and there was no need to further extend the registration to any registry. Behind the registration process was tech company, Growth Tech, in partnership with technology giant IBM. This is another first for blockchain and an event that will go into the history books of the technology.


This development moves the value offered by blockchain technology a step higher, and with this comes bigger responsibilities. Prior to this time, whenever we talk about security on the blockchain, the focus is usually on the money aspect. How to secure wallets, exchanges and protect networks from hacks seems to occupy our minds whenever the topic is raised. Now that crucial information has begun to go on the blockchain, the bar has been raised, as data on the blockchain may become much more valuable than the token amount of the units on the network itself.


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