EU pig prices: stable markets and unchanged prices

The European slaughterhouse market is largely unchanged in the ongoing slaughter week. The majority of slaughter pig prices remained stable.


The Pig Site

5 September 2019  


ISN reports that the ratio of living supply and demand is currently balanced in most countries. The market figures are increasing seasonally. Though quotes remain stable, demand in Germany is noticeable on the domestic market. Unchanged quotes are also reported in the Netherlands, Denmark, Austria and the United Kingdom.


The Spanish listing was also stable at the level reached and thus remains in first place in the European price structure of the five largest pig-keeping EU member states. However, the seasonal peak seems to have been exceeded with the end of the holiday season.


The consumption of pork in Spain has now dropped again due to seasonal factors. At the same time, demand in China has picked up significantly, benefiting the EU's largest pork exporter...


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