Diviande launches flexitarian range


By Aidan Fortune, GlobalMeatNews



Dutch meat processor Diviande, a subsidiary of Jan Zandbergen, has unveiled a new range of products aimed at the flexitarian sector.


The FiftyFifty range consists of 12 different products, including Beanloaf, Breton Schnitzel, Mushroom Schnitzel, Cutletto, Burger - Italian Style and Burger - Mexican Style. All products in the range are made up of 50% meat and 50% vegetables while the packaging reduces plastic consumption by as much as 80%.


The brand said the FiftyFifty range is targeted at the consumer who is looking for the balance between “enjoyment, health and sustainability”​.


“This innovative concept is the answer to the development that more and more consumers are consciously opting for less meat and more vegetables. It closes the large gap between meat on the one hand and vegetarian products on the other. With FiftyFifty products, consumers have the best of both worlds, consume less meat but do not have to make concessions in the taste of meat and the accompanying healthy nutrients.”​


It also believes the range can also offer a solution for children who have difficulty eating vegetables. “Children will not only eat 50% more vegetables, but will also learn a considerably greater variety of different vegetables in this way...