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via - Dec 28, 2012




U.S. Retail Meat: Wide Mix of Finger Foods for New Year's


A wide assortment of finger foods and snack items is found in grocers' printed advertisements for the New Year's holiday, and many of them are located in the deli or the fresh meat departments. Among the most widely promoted products were various party trays, mini smoked sausages, spareribs and backribs, numerous flavors of chicken wings, and shrimp rings. Freshly made or frozen pizzas were also found in abundance in grocers' advertisements as the stores compete with fast-food restaurants for consumers' food dollars.


WSJ(12/28) China Food-Safety Crackdown


SHANGHAI--Authorities in Shanghai plan a crackdown on companies that violate food-safety regulations, after scrutiny of drugs given to locally served chickens. The crackdown marks a new effort by local authorities to bolster food safety in a country increasingly worried about what it consumes. But analysts question whether such measures will be effective in changing China's slack attitude to food safety. In a statement posted on its website and dated Thursday, the Shanghai Municipal Food Safety Committee said food companies found engaging in any of 11 types of harmful practices would be blacklisted and prevented from engaging in the food business, and barred from receiving subsidies from the government or benefiting from preferential government policies.




Ahead of Auction, Zacky Asks to Sell Assets Free and Clear


Poultry producer Zacky Farms LLC is asking bankruptcy-court permission to sell its assets free and clear of liens at auction in January. According to documents filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Sacramento, the California company would like to hold an auction for its assets on Jan. 15 with bids due by Jan. 10. It hasn't named a lead bidder or stalking horse, but it has the right to designate one without further court approval. The court had already approved the rules governing the auction. This motion indicates that Zacky is still on schedule for the sale and, if approved, gives it permission to sell its assets and shed the liens against the property.




MARKET TALK: Cash Hog Prices Seen Mostly Flat


8:18 EST - Cash hog bids are predicted to be mainly steady, or flat, today but a few firmer quotes are possible from processing plants that need additional supplies to complete their slaughter schedules for this week or add to inventories for next week. Although slaughters for this and next week are reduced from normal due to the holidays, some plants are snug on supplies, say livestock dealers. Producers are generally current, or up to date on shipments, and some may wait until next week before selling again on hopes that demand will be stronger then. Terminal markets generally flat.