PED Infected Premises 61 Confirmed in Manitoba


FarmScape (Canada)

via The Pig Site - 11 August 2017


CANADA - The Office of Manitoba's Chief Veterinary Officer has confirmed the first new case of PED in Manitoba in almost four weeks, reports Bruce Cochrane.


After almost four weeks without any new cases of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea in Manitoba, the 61 case was confirmed Wednesday in a finisher barn in southeastern Manitoba.


Dr Glen Duizer, with the Office of Manitoba's Chief Veterinary Officer, told a PED Telephone Town Hall yesterday there are now 22 sow herds, 13 nurseries and 26 finishers infected in Manitoba, approximately 117 thousand sows are under test and approximately 67 thousand sows are on infected premises.


Dr Glen Duizer-Manitoba Agriculture


We had not had any positive cases since the 14 July but IP 61 or infected premises 61 was confirmed positive from samples collected from pigs.


This premises had received test negative non clinical pigs that had been previously infected with PED.


The pigs had recovered and had one round of negative tests before the movement.


Unfortunately that same group of pigs has not exhibited any clinical signs but has had some positive tests that suggests they are shedding again.


I would note that this premises was within one of our existing buffer areas.


It expands that buffer area slightly to include two additional premises that will be under surveillance now and in the meantime we'll continue travelling forward.