Millennials boosting beef jerky sales


Madelaine Hahn, KARE (MN)

August 09, 2017


MINNEAPOLIS - Some historians estimate that “meat snacks” have been around since the 1550s, but you can credit millennials with bringing the protein-packed snack sales up.


To be fair, sales have always been steady, but in the last four years the compounding growth of 7 percent has put beef jerky in the race for most sought-after snack, against potato chips of course.


Dennis McGreevy, the founder and president of Minneapolis-based Jim Dandy, credits millennials for sales.


"Millennials are looking for authenticity in products," McGreevy says. "They also shun a lot of sugar products.”


Indeed, with the trends turning to low-carbohydrate and low-sugar diets, many people are turning to a “healthier” alternative.


"Surprisingly, they’re no longer considered a blue collar, working male product," McGreevy says.


The appeal is spreading with different flavors, textures and proteins.


Mom and pop jerky shops are popping up all over...


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