Farm Journal Media Announces “Trust in Food Symposium”


By Farm Journal Media

via FarmJournal's PorkNetwork - July 13, 2017


This week, Farm Journal Media announced its “Trust in Food Symposium,” bringing America’s largest farmers and food marketers together to address consumer mistrust in today’s food system. Stakeholders across the food supply chain will come together Jan. 23, 2018, at the Chicago Hilton, a day before Top Producer Seminar, to discuss the key barriers to consumer trust and the complexities of changing that landscape.


The 19th Top Producer Seminar is the annual meeting of America’s largest and most productive farmers. The “Trust in Food Symposium” and ensuing two-day “Trust in Food Pavilion” of exhibiting food companies will bring together marketing and sustainability officers from food companies, food retailers and NGOs that are focused on addressing food supply trust and sustainability issues with more than 800-plus producers each averaging nearly 5,000 crop acres. The agenda and discussions will focus on how farm practices, including agriculture conservation, animal well-being, science and technology impact consumer perceptions.


“There have been many sincere but disparate efforts within agriculture over the last six or seven years to reach out to consumers: but without the direct and impactful involvement of food companies and food retailers, there is no chance of bridging the communication gap between consumers and farmers,” stated Farm Journal CEO, Andy Weber. “Farm Journal has a long history of advocacy for America’s farmers. They trust us, and we’re making a large commitment to working directly with food companies to establish a dialogue between consumers and farmers, ranchers and growers.”


The gap between consumers and producers is enormous...