Pigs 2022 – Biosecurity the key to reducing antibiotic use


Pig World (UK)

July 13, 2017


Biosecurity is the most influential factor affecting antimicrobial use on farm, according to an EU project evaluating practical strategies to reduce medication in pigs.


Although pig producers understand the importance of keeping disease out of their herds, it appears many have not grasped how infection control inside the perimeter fence affects health status and how best to use medication and veterinary interventions to manage endemic disease.


European-wide studies under the MINAPIG project have found that units where vaccination programmes are practised often use as many, if not more, antibiotics than those that don’t routinely vaccinate their pigs.


Professor Jeroen DeWulf, head of veterinary epidemiology at the University of Ghent, said the studies showed that, while pig producers are keen to invest in proactive health controls, many fundamental ‘loopholes’ exist within internal herd hygiene and disease control procedures that are probably compromising vaccine efficacy and herd immunity.


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