US poultry groups support changes for NAFTA


Poultry World

Jun 19, 2017


A ‘bonanza for American Agriculture’; that is how a group of elite poultry organisations in the US view the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), despite having a few ideas to modernise and improve trade between North American countries.


Along with Brazil, the United States is one of the 2 leading poultry exporting nations in the world. Free trade agreements like NAFTA have been the mechanisms that have helped sustain US global leadership in poultry exports, notes the National Chicken Council (NCC), USA Poultry & Egg Export Council (USAPEEC), and the National Turkey Federation (NTF).


US poultry export markets


In a joint statement, the poultry groups said poultry exports are among the most important of all US agricultural exports. In the most recent year for which full data is available, the US exported approximately 3.7 million metric tons of chicken products, with a value of nearly $4.6 billion, to more than 100 counties with exports of turkey valued at almost $500 million. While the situation in different markets varies from year to year, over the past decade, 2 of the 5 most important poultry export markets for the US have been Mexico and Canada.


Before NAFTA, the United States had only limited exports to Mexico despite that country’s immediate proximity on the southern border. Although there were initial concerns on the part of the Mexican industry regarding free trade with the US, we were able to bridge that gap by beginning to open trade through an initial 78,000 MT tariff-rate quota for chicken products; and to gain duty-free access to the Mexican market for turkey. Exports to Mexico have grown ever since, and it is today by far the largest market for US poultry products. For the most recent year for which data is available, US chicken exports to Mexico were 637,888 MT at a value of $515 million; egg exports $27 million; and turkey exports were 152,404 MT at a value of $348 million. Also, Mexico is currently the largest export market for US fowl meat, with exports in the most recent year of 50,101 MT at a value of $57 million.


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