BPI administrator says ABC ignored accurate info


Mark Walker, Argus Leader (SD)

via Sioux City Journal - Jun 16, 2017


ELK POINT, S.D. | Rich Jochum, general counsel and administrator for a South Dakota beef company, said that despite numerous attempts to provide ABC broadcasters with accurate information about the company’s product, they refused to use it.


Jochum testified about his interactions with ABC on the stand Friday in BPI's $5.7 billion defamation lawsuit against ABC for a series of news reports in 2012 that questioned the quality and safety of lean finely textured beef.


Jochum said initially he was apprehensive about responding to ABC broadcasters following a segment about the beef product on ABC's series “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” that he said inaccurately portrayed the way the beef is produced.


Jochum said he replied to questions an ABC producer emailed to him. After watching the ABC news report about textured beef, he was surprised that almost none of the information he provided had been used in the broadcast, he said.


“I was shocked, outraged and couldn't believe what I had seen,” Jochum said of ABC's first news report that aired March 7, 2012...