JBS saga drama continues on


Bill Tatt, Western Magazine (Australia)

16 Jun 2017


The on-going saga involving the Brazilian Beef Monolith JBS seems to roll on and on.


Well known American publisher Steve Kay has followed development closely as a commentator, analyst and the editor of the US Cattle Buyers Weekly.


The column has already written about the fines and other upcoming legal challenges.


From an Australian point of view the flow-on effect to our industry here at home is of far greater importance.


The largest business unit by far is JBS USA which under that umbrella has operations in Canada and Australia.


JBS is the second largest supplier of beef and pork in the States and by far the biggest Lot Feeder in terms of chicken production, JBS fills the number two slot in the USA.


In Canada, the company is the second largest beef processor and here on home soil they are recognised as our biggest cattle operator both for slaughtering and feeding.


According to Mr Kay’s take on the current situation none of JBS USA will be for sale with the American conglomerate generating massive cash flows through their beef, pork and chicken operation.


He considers that this part of JBS will operate normally with very few restraints.


Mr Kay tempers his remarks by saying that this has been a shocking year for the Batista family and one should not discount the fact that another startling revelation may be just around the corner...