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·         Burger King is in court after it handed out flyers at a concentration camp memorial

·         Burger King Franchisee Made Employees Hand Out Coupons At Concentration Camp Site



Burger King is in court after it handed out flyers at a concentration camp memorial


By Greg Hadley, The Miami Herald

May 18, 2017


It was the first ever regular concentration camp created in Nazi Germany. More than 188,000 people were imprisoned there, and at least 28,000 people died there.


So for many, the Dachau concentration camp memorial is a solemn place, akin to a cemetery.


Which is why the memorial museum that oversees the site is outraged that a local Burger King franchise has continually advertised itself with flyers in the memorial’s parking lot, according to multiple media reports.


According to the Evening Standard, more than 800,000 people visit the memorial each year, and many complained after they returned from their visit near Munich to find coupons and offers for Burger King stuffed under windshield wipers or into door handles.


“For many, Dachau is not just a memorial but a cemetery,” Dr. Gabriele Hammermann, head of the memorial site, told The Local. The advertisements are “disrespectful,” he said.


According to German newspaper Die Welt, the local Burger King has been doing this for years, and is not the first: McDonalds also did so in 1996 before stopping at the request of the memorial site.


The memorial’s employees first approached the owner of the restaurant, Ronny Otto, to ask him to stop as well, but Otto refused to meet with them, they told The Local. So instead they requested and eventually received a court order instructing Burger King to stop. On Wednesday, the two parties met in court, and Burger King Germany said they “very much regret that it has come to today's Court of Justice session.”


According to Hammermann, the final straw came the day an infamous gate was returned to the memorial after being stolen. The gate, inscribed with the words “Work will set you free” in German, was stolen in 2014, in a crime German Chancellor Angela Merkel called “appalling.” It was eventually recovered in Norway and returned in February. On the day the gate was restored to the memorial, Burger King employees were seen in uniform handing out flyers...


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Burger King Franchisee Made Employees Hand Out Coupons At Concentration Camp Site


By Ashlee Kieler, Consumerist

May 19, 2017


Even in this age of nearly omnipresent advertising, there are still some places where it’s in very bad taste to force coupons on the public, like outside the site of a former concentration camp.


According to the Miami Herald, a Burger King franchisee in Germany was in court this week to explain why he allegedly insisted on having his employees distribute coupons and flyers in the parking lot for visitors to the Dachau concentration camp memorial near Munich.


A director for the memorial site tells The Local that the museum has asked the owner of the Burger King franchise to stop placing flyers on the cars of visitors several times to no avail.


Dr. Gabriele Hammermann called the flyering “disrespectful” in a place that many see as “not just a memorial but a cemetery.”


The last straw came in February when employees of the fast food restaurant were seen handing out coupons on a particularly busy day at the memorial. A gate bearing the infamous phrase “arbeit macht frei” (“work will set you free”) had just been returned to the memorial after being stolen in 2014.


The museum says after the incident it reached out to Burger King Germany for assistance. However, the company tells the Local that it was unable to persuade the location owner to reach an agreement...


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