Perky Jerky shatters "macho-man" image with new jerky stick aimed at females


By Douglas Yu, Bakery and Snacks



Perky Jerky said it has tapped into a new female-oriented market, effectively taking jerky snacks from “Bubba to Barbara” since launching in 2009.


Brian Levin, CEO and founder of the meat snacks brand, contended the jerky market has a 58% female consumer base, although its traditionally been 80% dominated by males.


“That’s why the [jerky] market for years has gone after the male audience, evidenced by randy macho man savage snap in a Slim Jim,” Levin said.


However, he noted that Perky Jerky was not seeking out female consumers alone, but those “who are not only buying for their own active lifestyle, but a big heavy consumption in the family.”


“Women have always enjoyed jerky products,” Levin added. “Our products have a more tender profile, and we’ve had a lot of success in turkey [jerky], which is a leaner protein and zero fat.”


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