South Dakota TB strain previously found only in Mexico, new to U.S.


Source: South Dakota Animal Industry Board

via The Fence Post - March 17, 2017


Bovine Tuberculosis (TB) was identified in three beef cows during routine slaughter inspection by U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety Inspection Service inspectors at two Nebraska slaughter plants in February, 2017. The cows had been in feedlots in Nebraska and South Dakota since November, 2016.


Market records were used to identify the herd of origin, which was tested by state and federal animal health officials, revealing additional infected animals. The herd remains quarantined and 41 infected animals have been removed from the herd. Final disposition of remaining animals in the herd is being determined.




Thirteen adjacent herds, comprised of over 8,000 head, were quarantined for testing. One herd has been released from quarantine with negative results of testing in all cattle two years of age and older. Testing is in progress in the remaining adjacent herds and the majority of that work should be completed over the next three weeks.


State and federal animal health officials continue to identify potential source herds as well as herds that may have purchased cattle from the affected herd over the past five years. Cattle premises in 11 other states are also being investigated. Completion of the investigation can be expected to extend into the fall months of 2017.


Prioritization of testing and disposition of animals in these herds is based on risk assessment and in accordance with state and federal animal health regulations. Herd owners with concern regarding potentially exposed animals are encouraged to contact their local veterinarian or the state veterinarian's office. Caution is advised in commingling new additions into established herds if there is a concern that some animals may be involved in the ongoing investigation.