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         Kroger Testing Out Home Deliveries With Uber

         Is History Repeating Itself at Kroger?



Kroger Testing Out Home Deliveries With Uber



March 20, 2017


The Kroger Co. is looking into ways to get online orders to its shoppers faster and more efficiently by testing out Uber deliveries at several of its locations.


According to Chain Store Age, the supermarket giant expanded its home shopping model last year, adding more than 420 ClickList and ExpressLane locations. This boost gives the company more than 640 online ordering locations. But while ClickList allows shoppers to place orders online, customers need to go to the store to pick-up their items.


To come up with a solution for the last-mile equation and make the online ordering process easier for its customers, Kroger decided to look into deliveries via Uber. If the testing goes well, the program could be expanded later this year.


But some industry experts are not as excited about the grocerís partnership with Uber, citing the ride-hailing companyís issues with labor and wage discrepancies as a potential issue. Kroger is looking into other home delivery methods but didnít go into any detail...





Is History Repeating Itself at Kroger?


By Ed Ponsi, Real Money/TheStreet

Mar 19, 2017


In a strong bull market, with indices near their all-time highs, you have to dig a little deeper to find good setups. Much like Elvis, the more popular names have already left the building.


So, like a shopper at a clearance sale, you sift through the remaining items to see if anything strikes your fancy. Then you spot it, a solid setup on supermarket chain Kroger (KR) .


Kroger has fallen by about 15% over the past three weeks. The stock's downward spiral began around March 2, after the company reported a decline in same-store sales growth. It was Kroger's first quarterly drop in same-store sales in more than 13 years. Kroger cited food deflation as one reason for the disappointment.


The company is also facing renewed competition from Walmart (WMT) and Target (TGT) , which are becoming increasingly competitive on price. Other chains, such as Aldi, are working their way into Kroger's territory, which mainly consists of the Midwestern and Southern U.S.


Technically, Kroger is now bouncing from a support level that formed in October. At that time, the stock traded briefly below $29 before taking off on a sharp rally, gaining about 25% in less than three months (point A). After the stock's recent decline, it found support in that same price area (point B).


It's also worth noting that Kroger's last big rally was kicked off with a buy signal from its RSI (relative strength index) indicator, which occurred on Oct. 6 (point C, green). No other RSI buy signals have occurred on the stock since then, until yesterday (point D)...


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