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         Fire Kills About 800 Cattle

         Hundreds of cattle killed in dairy barn fire in southeastern Manitoba



Fire Kills About 800 Cattle


by Shannon Dueck, Steinback Online (Canada)††††††

12 August 2019


Steinbach's Fire Chief says about eight hundred cattle died in an early morning fire northeast of the city.


The Steinbach Fire Department was called to Pennwood Dairy, along Clear Springs Road Monday around 4:45 am. Chief Kel Toews says when they arrived, three barns were engulfed in flames and shortly after a fourth barn started burning.


"We lost four barns," says Toews.


Toews notes the four barns had a total of about one thousand cattle. They were able to save about two hundred.


As of 10:45 Monday morning, Toews says the Office of the Fire Commissioner was on scene investigating.


"We'll assist him in his investigation," says Toews. "It's a tin barn so we've got to peel back tin and get to the fire. And there's some silage piles that are on fire too, so we could be here the full day."


Though it has not been determined, Toews says it would appear the fire started inside one of the barns.


A damage estimate has not been determined.


Toews notes the fire broke...





Hundreds of cattle killed in dairy barn fire in southeastern Manitoba


The Canadian Press

via The Globe and Mail - August 12, 2019


STEINBACH, Man | Hundreds of cattle have been killed in a fire that destroyed a large dairy complex in southeastern Manitoba.


The fire broke out sometime before 5 a.m. Monday at the four-barn Pennwood Dairy, northeast of Steinbach.


Kelvin Toews, the communityís fire chief, said there were about 1,000 animals in the barns and about 200 survived.


ďItís a loss of around 800 (cattle). Itís a shame there were animals in the barn. We lost a bunch,Ē said Toews.


The fire chief said three barns were on fire when crews arrived and the fourth was in flames soon after.


He said an unknown number of people were involved in milking operations in the buildings at the time, but they all got out safely.


Crews from six fire departments fought for hours to control the flames that belched clouds of thick, black smoke across a wide area.


The fire is believed to have started in one of the four metal-clad buildings that were linked to each other.


A damage estimate was not immediately available and investigators from the provincial fire commissionerís office arrived at the scene later Monday.


Toews said emergency crews would probably be at the scene most of the day for mop-up purposes...