Tulip wins Chinese Pizza Hut pepperoni contract


By Aidan Fortune, GlobalMeatNews



Danish Crown’s Tulip Food Company has won a massive food service contract in China.


Tulip Food Company and the Pizza Hut chain in China have signed an agreement for the supply of approximately 500 tonnes of pepperoni per annum - the equivalent of about 160 million slices of pepperoni, topping more than six million pizzas.


Tulip’s relationship with Pizza Hut in Asia began three years ago when its Svenstrup factory was registered and approved for export. Previously, Tulip Food Company had half of the pepperoni.


Senior export manager Niels W. Thomsen said: “It is with our arms over our heads that we can now tell that from August we have 100% of the pepperoni business for Yum! Brands' many Pizza Hut stores in China. We are sitting on the whole pepperoni business for Hong Kong, and it is only a year ago that we got an agreement in place about 50% of the deliveries to Pizza Hut in China. So we had no idea at all that after eight months of shipping we would end up with the whole business.” ​


Tulip's international sales director Mike Sauerberg added that this deal would also act as an endorsement for the brand...