BEEF survey: Here’s why readers support cattle traceability

Cattle traceability has long been controversial. But surveys indicate a majority of producers support it.


Nevil Speer, BEEF Magazine

Aug 08, 2019


Informa Engage Research recently performed a survey on behalf of BEEF to assess general attitudes and trends among producers. Results reflect 876 completed surveys from producers in all U.S. states except Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, South Carolina and Vermont. 


There are several important trends contained within the survey. Perhaps most significant are the general views surrounding traceability and/or animal ID systems. This week’s illustration highlights some of those perspectives.


To that end, 62% indicated support for further development of a national traceability system. That’s roughly in line with a World Perspectives feasibility study conducted on behalf of NCBA: U.S. Beef Identification and Traceability Systems: Opportunities, Obstacles and Incentives Across the Value Chain.


As noted in a previous Industry At A Glance column: The results from World Perspectives indicate that approximately 80% of cow-calf producers could be categorized as supportive toward those efforts. In other words, producers are generally on board with current efforts being proposed by USDA.  


Drilling down a little further, 82% of producers indicated that such efforts are important toward facilitating disease containment and traceback. What’s more, 76% indicated that such a system would provide the U.S. greater assurance when it comes to maintaining international market access. Last, half of the respondents perceive value when...


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