24-year-old grizzly euthanized for killing cattle along Front


Fish, Wildlife & Parks

via Montana Standard - Aug 7, 2019


A 24-year-old grizzly bear in declining health was euthanized on Aug. 5 southwest of Augusta for repeatedly killing calves.


“It was one of the oldest bears I’ve ever seen, 24-and-a-half-years-old,” said Fish, Wildlife & Parks bear management specialist Mike Madel, who captured and marked it in 1998.


The bear had relocated to the Sun River Wildlife Management Area on the Rocky Mountain Front and had not caused any conflicts since then.


Although the bear weighed 551 pounds, its teeth were in poor shape, and overall the animal was not in good condition.


“It had several broken molars with abscesses and its canine teeth were worn down,” Madel said. “And it had signs of arthritis. It was on the downhill slide.”


The bear was captured by federal Wildlife Services...