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·         Why Tyson Foods Loves British Politics

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Why Tyson Foods Loves British Politics

How the American company stands to benefit from the changing British political landscape.


Caroline Banton, The Motley Fool

Aug 7, 2019


A large portion of the British public may have to wave goodbye to their treasured pint and pub lunch of hormone-free beef and non-GMO vegetables. Boris Johnson's recent ascension to 10 Downing Street has made the prospect of a post-Brexit trade deal between the U.S. and the U.K. likely, which portends the removal of EU-imposed food standards and a hungry market for US exporters.


The Trump administration's  determination to corner the British market could triumph considering the mutual admiration between the two nation's leaders. US policymakers  plan to "eliminate practices that unfairly decrease U.S. market access opportunities or distort agricultural markets to the detriment of the United States."


The U.K. has so far resisted cheaper food imports from the U.S. because of E.U. standards that preclude products such as chlorinated chicken and hormone-fed beef. However, with right-leaning Boris Johnson now managing Brexit negotiations, US food manufacturers are poised to offer cheap food products to the U.K. who may otherwise face prices inflated by high WTO tariffs and possible food shortages post-Brexit.


Tyson Foods is one leading U.S. food producer preparing for a euro invasion and ready to ride the waves to the White Cliffs of Dover. Here's why.


Tyson's strong position


Tyson claimed to be well positioned for future growth in June citing its diversified portfolio, new products, and expansion into global markets. Tyson's claim is substantiated by historical steady growth with total shareholder return of 695% over the past 10 fiscal years compared to a 328% return of the S&P 500 during the same timeframe.


Growth has recently been aided by a global shortage of pork after the African Swine Fever outbreak, which is predicted to halve China's pig herd by the end of 2019, according to Reuters and Dutch bank Rabobank forecasts. This catastrophe stands to only boost Tyson's sales further.


Alternative proteins


The company expects 98% of protein consumption growth to occur outside the U.S., and Tyson is positioning itself to take advantage. Beef in general has shown an increase in demand as the economy has boosted global middle-class incomes, aiding Tyson's bottom line. Also, Tyson is extending its product lines with, for example, Tyson Air Fried chicken and the newly acquired Smart Chicken.


In response to the global demand for alternative proteins, Tyson has announced its first plant-based and blended products under its New Raised & Rooted® brand. President and CEO of Tyson Foods Noel White said in a recent press release, "[We] expect to be a market leader in alternative protein, which is experiencing double-digit growth and could someday be a billion-dollar business for our company."


But perhaps most tellingly, Tyson has this year acquired Thai and European businesses from BRF S.A. The purchase includes production facilities in Thailand, the Netherlands, and the U.K. All this investment, however, begs the question: Is Tyson's growth sustainable?


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Tyson Foodservice Expands No Antibiotics Ever Line of Chicken Products


Food & Beverage Magazine

Aug 7, 2019


In an effort to help operators serve products customers can feel good about consuming, Tyson Foodservice has expanded its No Antibiotics Ever1 (NAE) portfolio with ingredient and individually frozen (IF) chicken. Consumers continue to demand products with simpler ingredients and fewer additives; these products are part of the Tyson Foodservice No Antibiotics Ever portfolio and have no added hormones or steroids2.


Ingredient chicken can be incorporated into offerings across menus and comes in diced, pulled and skinless formats. IF chicken is individually frozen to capture peak freshness while locking in natural juices. The boneless, skinless chicken formats include: thigh filet; thigh meat, jumbo; diced thigh meat.


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