High Steaks


ABC News Australia

Aug 6 2019


Opening the winter season of Foreign Correspondent, Craig Reucassel reports on the food revolution underway in the US that could very well change what we eat, forever.


It is coming from the ultimate disruptors, Silicon Valley, where scientists and entrepreneurs are cooking up new types of foods which threaten to take a big bite out of the profits of the multi-billion-dollar meat industry.


On the menu are burgers made from plants which ‘bleed’, and chicken nuggets grown in labs from animal cells.


Critics call it ‘frankenfood’ but the substitute meat industry claims it wants to feed the world and save the environment. And it’s backed by big bucks, with investors such as Bill Gates and Hong Kong magnate Li Ka Shing putting their money where their mouth is.


In one recent float, a meat-less meat company’s share price almost tripled on its first day of trading.


But the West isn’t won yet. It’s fighting hard to preserve its divine right to make a living from livestock.


“Our farmers and ranchers grow these cattle like God intended them to be grown” explains a Missouri politician.


Many US States are protecting their cattle industries by passing laws which ban ‘new meat’ being marketed as ‘meat’.


“We want truth in advertising…we don’t want them to use the word ‘beef’”, says one Missouri cattleman. “And we don’t want them to say ‘this is a hamburger.’”


The stage is set for a mighty legal showdown as ‘new meats’ fight back...


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