Modern ag is the answer to climate change concerns

As eco-anxiety increases amongst consumers, we must share the sound science about how beef production is a critical part of supporting a healthy planet for the future.


Amanda Radke, Opinion, BEEF Magazine

Jul 10, 2019


The opinions of Amanda Radke are not necessarily those of or Farm Progress.


If youíve been following the candidates vying for the spot to run as the Democratic candidate in the 2020 presidential election, then you already know one of the biggest topics of conversation on the campaign trail is climate change.


A common theme for these candidates is to discuss how farmers and ranchers can address the growing concern about climate change and how we can best utilize our natural resources to feed a growing planet.


And while I donít necessarily agree with the strategies presented by some of these candidates, I do believe the sentiment is in the right place. Because really, whether youíre Republican or Democrat or somewhere in between, we all inhabit this planet together. And the future of our environment isnít a political issue, itís a humanity issue.


The quote, ďWe do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children,Ē comes to mind here.


After all, a rancher doesnít plant tree seedlings on his land for himself. He plants them to benefit the land and to be enjoyed by his children and grandchildren. He doesn't overgraze today because he knows it will impact his forages for next year. He doesn't take from the land without adding back to it in some way.


All of this to say, how we treat our planet today will impact our tomorrow. I think thatís something we can all agree on.


However, the challenge is that there are many opposing ideas on how best to approach climate change and manage our natural resources well.


Plant-based proponents would love for everyone to believe their latest tag line, that plants are the most ďsustainable dietĒ to follow. Yet, science would disagree. Unfortunately, so much of what is being perpetuated in the news is simply not so.


For example, blaming climate change on cow burps is not only ridiculous, but itís irresponsible and immoral. Every chance I get, until Iím blue in the face, I will continue to promote how cattle are truly upcyclers, utilizing marginal land and efficiently converting it to nutritional, high quality protein and life-enriching beef byproducts, all while fertilizing, aerating and promoting new growth on the land as they graze.


If anything, cattle are truly the Cinderella story of climate change ó if only we could get our consumers to hear our story.


And while the naysayers are louder than ever, it seems like common sense isnít completely eradicated. Here is a roundup of recent headlines that address how cattle are beneficial, not detrimental, to the planet. Read on and pass it along to those who might benefit hearing these messages...


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